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Pentia and FK Distribution receive award for digital innovation

Yesterday, it was announced that FK Distribution with Pentia as partner had won the coveted Sitecore Experience Award in the category, Digital Innovation

The strong duo was granted the digital innovation award in the Nordic region due to the highly successful digital transformation FK Distribution has undergone in the traditional print industry. A transformation, which has been made possible with Pentia as partner and the Sitecore Experience platform as the digital foundation.  

Danes love personalized offers

In Denmark, FK Distribution is traditionally known for delivering advertisements in the mailbox but after undergoing a digital transformation, FK Distribution is also recognized for the concepts, NoThanks+ and The first, a personalization of the advertisement bundle and the second a digitalization of the mailbox advertisements. The two digital concepts are so popular with the Danes that more than one million have signed up making FK Distribution an integrated part of everyday shopping for many Danes.

Working closely with Pentia

CCO at Pentia, Mr. Christian Ruud, has the following comment on the close collaboration between Pentia and FK Distribution:

”Pentia has been working closely with FK Distribution since the first steps towards the digital transformation were taken. In fact, the collaboration has been so close that the digital team of FK Distribution has worked in our office for the past three years making it easier for them to benefit from our counselling and our digital competences”.

According to Sitecore, the amount of talented and skillful companies who have turned in a digital project has never been greater or more competent.

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The winner solution:

Nejtak+ and

Platin Partner