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Speeding up lead generation with marketing automation

KIA is ready to speed up and act whenever a customer displays purchasing signals. Through intelligent marketing automation flows, leads are effectively led towards the final finish line: Sales.
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In many ways, the car industry is a homogeneous industry. Seen from the outside. However, KIA is about to change that. For the past couple of years, they've worked hard to stand out with their innovative, award winning electric and hybrid cars and the best warranty in the business.

Strategy & outcome

KIA wants to become a part of people's dreams and a green future, and in order to obtain that goal more people must discover and try KIA's innovative new cars. Translated into a measurable outcome, KIA needs to initiate more customer conversations resulting in actions such as shop visits, virtual test drives and "design your own model". The conversation must be relevant and take place at the right time - and this is where marketing automation and Pentia* can make a big difference. 

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The KIA way

How do we provide great service to thousands of KIA fans?

KIA needs no introduction. Several hundred thousand people visit their website each month. On the face of it, it doesn't seem like a problem to be this popular but it is, if you like KIA wants to provide great service to each and every visitor. However, it isn't possible to greet each person individually. And it's even harder to differentiate the many visitors in terms of purchasing signals. This is where marketing automation comes in.

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From 0 to 100 in record time with marketing automation

A strong new marketing setup hands KIA the capability of being attentive while providing great service across segments and target groups. At the same time, the setup provides KIA with the opportunity of navigating quickly towards visitors, who are ready to buy.

Within only six months, Pentia established a full marketing automation set up for KIA with segmented customers profiles, sales flows and the possibility of adding extra campaign activities. 


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This is how we handled the challenge

When KIA and Pentia* started the cooperation it quickly became clear that the desire to see fast resultat was great. Pentia turned on the turbo and already within a month the first resultats started showing. 

Creating customer profiles 

If you don't know your customers, it's hard to be relevant. That's exactly why the solution collects information about each lead. Which car do they have today, when did they buy it, what car are they dreaming about, and when will they start looking for the next car? These are some of the data that we're collecting through CRM, website and emails.

Step on the pedal when they show purchasing signs 

When a lead starts exhibiting the kind of behaviour that we would describe as a purchasing behaviour, a new purchasing flow is put into action. In the flow, we'll use the segmented data to reach out at the right time, as the chance of igniting a positive sales dialogue with a retailer increases by hitting the right timing.

In the meantime we nurture them

If a lead isn't actively looking for a new car, we'll use our efforts to maintain a close contact and nurture the loyalty towards KIA. Through various campaigns, we'll inspire and counsel them as well as getting to know them better at the same time. 

“It's great to see that potential buyers are engaging with our mails, showing us that they're interested in our products and events” 

Kenneth Steel, marketing manager in KIA Denmark


Kia Forside

A look under the digital hood

KIA Denmark has chosen a single setup with Autopilot, a best-of-breed marketing automation system, easy to set up and quickly to integrate with KIA Denmark's website and additional marketing channels from which data easily flows. 

KIA Denmark is now able to to:

  • They can collect data about both new, potential and existing customers 
  • Through landing pages with forms and through their digital behaviour  
  • In the contact database, the system registers customer profiles 
  • Enabling KIA Denmark to segment and target communication 1:1 
  • They can set up mail-flows based on the customer journey 
  • Flows that'll be triggered when a customer exhibits a certain behaviour on the website 
  • The individual flows will function as an engine, powering KIA Denmark's marketing initiatives 
  • Supporting all other marketing activities 
  • By constantly monitoring the signs displayed by new, potential and existing customers 
  • And passing on valuable leads to the retailers
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New possibilities for KIA

KIA has speeded up lead generation with marketing automation and is seeing results already. 

*Inovo became a part of Pentia  on 1 August 2020. 

More about KIA

The best warranty in the industry, beautiful designs, happy customers, environmental innovation. Read more about KIA here.

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