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Spreading the message of sustainability

An award winning storytelling strategy and an engaging digital platform have increased LM Wind Power's brand power.

In the first seven months of 2018, humans consumed a full year’s worth of natural resources. That’s nearly twice as fast as our planet can regenerate them.

Politicians are struggling to put their words into action and effectively tackle the climate challenge by living up to UN goals and international obligations like the Paris Agreement.

The climate challenge is growing every day and requires a global decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. That is why LM Wind Power decided to take action. As a wind turbine blade manufacturer, they felt a special responsibility to walk the talk when it comes to addressing the future of the planet.

They pledged to become the first carbon neutral business in the industry. It was a very ambitious goal, but by July 2018, they reached it! LM Wind Power went from a 240,000-ton CO2 footprint in 2017 to a net zero footprint in 2018 — even avoiding red numbers in the process.

However, it was a difficult journey to reach zero. There was very limited guidance on how to set up a carbon neutrality program, and no easy answers to be found anywhere. This scattered landscape of information also lacked an engaging storyline that could be leveraged as a guiding star to help inspire businesses seeking to neutralize their carbon footprint.

Recognizing this challenge, LM Wind Power decided to make it easier for other companies to start their own green transition.

By sharing what they learned from their own journey, they could enable decision-makers from other companies — who had the desire to take the same leap but lacked the necessary know-how — to get started. Sustainability should not be solely an expense or a fluffy communications approach; it should be a way to differentiate your brand, save money for your business and inspire positive action.



A digital communication platform with a cool, clean design

Pentia has helped LM Wind Power plan, design and execute their sustainability communication platform thus supporting the strategy of spreading the sustainability message. The digital foundation is based on Sitecore 9 and Sitecore’s best practice code recommendations.

The website’s visitors are met by a cool, clean design and deliciously presented content with a lot of relevant information about sustainability.The message sharing journey is ongoing and so is the continued streamlining of the platform, strategy and customer journey.


Ready to spread the word

LM Wind Power now has

  • An increase in brand awareness of 47%
  • An increase in website traffic of 30%
  • A futureproof communication platform based on Sitecore 9.0
  • A cool, clean digital design framing the content
  • A strong digital strategy for spreading the sustainability message
  • A light and engaging customer experience