Faster, faster, faster!

We need to deliver everything must faster than we used to.

Faster, faster, faster!

Why a flexible Sitecore platform impacts the future

It may sound bold to claim that a flexible digital platform has anything to do with a company’s future. But it has everything to do with the future - because the flexibility of the platform allows for a much faster digital time to market. An ability that has never been more important due to the quick changes we are being hit by every single day.

“Software-as-a-service – or SaaS - has fundamentally changed the way businesses adopt digital platforms, allowing them to focus squarely on business value instead of infrastructure and technical processes. As Sitecore partners and developers we need to adopt the SaaS mindset to focus our efforts on creating value for businesses.” says Thomas Eldblom, the CTO of Pentia and in 2001 one of the original developers of the Sitecore platform.

How it started

Eight years ago, Thomas Eldblom began to focus on creating a structured approach to the hyper flexible platform Sitecore. He did it to create a healthy balance between business needs and the flexibility required by developers and architects.

“At that time, there wasn’t any set structure or approach to handling Sitecore, so I decided to make one myself,” Thomas explains.

That approach to Sitecore has since been adopted by Sitecore as a global recommended standard and is now known as Helix.

Why flexibility matters

Today the Helix method is an agile Sitecore development paradigm that allows for quick adaptation of new business needs.

“When the Sitecore platform development is based on the Helix principles it is much easier and faster to change or update sections of the digital eco system. Something that has never been more important,” says Thomas

Welcomed by the developer community

Helix has also been welcomed by the notoriously critical developer community as it seems the concept and paradigms have struck the balance between serving the developers and businesses.

“Helix is my digital baby and naturally I’m proud of it – because it makes a difference for developers as wells as businesses. During my years at Sitecore, I have extensively documented and exemplified Helix and Sitecore has adopted the concept helping me spread the word.”

Meet Thomas in Orlando

Thomas is speaking about Helix at the Sitecore Symposium in Orlando.

”Faster, faster, faster! A Helix approach to DevOps in the light of the Sitecore micro-service architecture”

Day 4, at 10:30

More information: https://symposium.sitecore.com/agenda

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Who is Thomas Eldblom?

Thomas Eldblom is the CTO of Pentia, the company which originally created Sitecore. He was part of the team, which originally created Sitecore and has been a chief solution architect and developer on numerous Sitecore implementations worldwide. He has been awarded the Sitecore MVP title 7 years in a row.Thomas also has a background working for Sitecore, first as a Technical Marketing Manager in Australia and finally as a Senior Product Manager in Denmark. Thomas is a frequent speaker on Sitecore conferences and user groups worldwide and has been featured multiple times at SUGCON and Sitecore Symposium in Europe and North America.