Digital Governance

How many great strategies have been kicked to the curb due to the lack of execution in the organisation? According to Forbes, it´s as many as a mind blowing 90%. So why is it that we keep doing things the same way?

Digital Governance enables your organisation to execute your business strategy effectively within the digital framework available. 

For your organisation to execute your strategy successfully, it requires a balance of three factors:

  • Knowledge of your customers and investment in good customer experiences
  • Efficient investment in the right technology
  • Focus on organisation, competencies and digital workflows

In most digital organisations, it's pretty easy to agree on the first two points. However, when it comes to the third point agreeing suddenly becomes a lot harder. This can lead to inefficient investments, long decision-making processes and poor customer experiences.

Organisations are digitally challenged

One of the challenges of digital business processes is that they often cross departments, competencies and office hierarchies. However, the good digital experience is created across the organisation be it IT, sales, marketing, communication, customer service, support or product development. Digital governance holds the answers to an integration of workflows and clear roles and responsibilities.

The great benefits of digital governance could easily be overlooked in a time where we tend to focus on technology, however, technology without insight and an effective organisation will underperform. 

Pentia is offering counselling, facilitation and concepts with the purpose of optimising the digital execution across departments.

Examples of areas we can help you with:

  • Digital Governance Framework
  • Mapping of digital roles and responsibilities
  • Streamline your organisation's processes and ensure digital value creation

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