Marketing Automation

Are you sharing information and listening to your customers? Or are you just yelling? Shouting your marketing messages for every Tom, Dick and Harry to hear? If you are, maybe it's time for a change. Marketing automation will make your communication attentive and relevant so your customers will fall in love with your brand, over and over again.

Customers expect more in terms of relevance and access. You need to be there, all the time, and you need to be relevant. To manage such a tall order, companies are looking towards technology to support the customer journey thus achieving a stronger customer relationship and a more relevant conversation.

The dialogue should flow across channels

Pentia uses customer data across the customer journey to set up intelligent marketing automation flows that will distribute relevant messages across channels such as email, website, apps and sms.

Marketing automation is a brilliant tool no matter whether you're handling huge numbers of recipients in the B2C segment or a smaller B2B segment in which the target is a continuous optimization of lead generation flows or on account-based marketing.

Pentia can help your business with:

  • Establishing marketing automation platforms
  • Tailor-made experience flows across channels
  • Optimization procedure of automation flows and optimization of messages
  • Design and setup of personalization concepts
  • Lead generation flows and optimization of sales flows
  • Digital assistance to data driven Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Marketing Automation Technologies

Pentia works with several strong providers of marketing automation platforms such as Agillic and Salesforce.

Let's talk digital opportunities

Lars Norré

Sales Director