Design of digital products and services

Try. Do. Live. Pentia's effective model for developing digital services and product design is divided into three phases where the goal is real business value and a short time-to-market.

Digital products and services must be regarded as circular processes. Continuously, they must be developed in order to preserve and strengthen the value they create for both the user and the company behind it. Each release should provide new or improved value, and each release should bring new learnings to the company. The end goal isn't about growing the solution but about strengthening the core value creation.

Try. Do. Live

Pentia's iterative model, Try. Do. Live, is created to develop valuable digital products and services.

The model is divided into three phases.

In the Try phase, concept, prototype and proof-of-concept are developed in small, fast iterations for testing and quick learning. The Do phase implements a scalable, sustainable version that supports your business goals. During the Live phase, go-live will be prepared, the organizational anchoring and marketing strategy are executed while collecting real life data from the production. All of which will result in new insights, which should be recycled into a new Try phase.

The goal is to create products and services that users cannot do without and that revolutionize the business.

Examples of areas we can help you with:

  • UX research
  • Principle design
  • Clickable prototype
  • Web and App design

The development of digital services and digital products is often an integrated part of a larger transformation process. Pentia also offers transformation counselling, digital innovation and implementation.

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