Enterprise architecture & Integration

No system is an island. Integrations are the digital landscape tying your business together, allowing you to reach your business goals. Naturally your enterprise architecture must take into account the needs of the business and the needs of the users  - not to mention that it must be both robust and flexible to handle whatever change or challenge, the future may hold.

Build the right technological architecture

Technological principles and tools such as integration platforms, cloud and micro-service architecture can help create the agile development base that enables you to grow your business. 

Pentia works across business units and IT to design and map digital ecosystems according to organisational and business needs. We help organisations design and integrate greater system landscapes focusing on the business processes and business goals they need to support.

We can help you:

  • Identifying the needs of platforms, systems and technologies
  • Optimising architecture and digital ecosystems
  • Clarification of the digital needs of the future in relation to growth and strategy.

Pentia works with several powerful technologies including Sitecore, Agillic and Salesforce.

Let's talk digital opportunities

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Business Director & Partner
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